Have it no other way than to live the Glo way

Established in 1987, Glo Malabanan is one of the most professional and trusted siphoning, de-clogging and plumbing companies in the Philippines today. We offer a wide-range of reasonably priced de-clogging, plumbing and siphoning services including pozo negro, septic tanks and sewage system in residential and commercial buildings. We are a 24/7 professional service provider across Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

Fix, repair and clear clogged pipelines and drainage system with Glo Malabanan de-clogging services.

  • Clearing up of clogged pipelines and drainage systems
  • Damage and re-piping of pipelines
  • Outlet and Inlet pipeline
  • Drain installation
  • Installation and Repair of main pipeline, waterline, lavatories, etc.
  • Water waste draining for flooded areas, swimming pool etc.

Plumb it with Glo

Secure your plumbing needs with 32 years of Glo Malabanan plumbing services.

  • Preventive maintenance for all kinds of establishments (fast food chains, resort, hotel and all kind of establishments)
  • Commercial & residential plumbing
  • General plumbing (installation and repair)

Siphon it the Glo way

Trust Glo Malabanan siphoning services to handle all your residential and commercial filthy works.

  • Cleaning of cistern tank or water tank
  • Siphoning of septic tank (per truck load)
  • Cleaning and removing of garbage inside the septic vault
  • Locating of open septic vault
  • Cleaning thoroughly of septic vault or septic tank
  • Installation and repair of main pipeline, inlet, outlet, waterline, and lavatories
  • Siphoning of septic sludge from septic vault
  • Grease tank cleaning of septic tanks
  • Locate, open and repair of septic vault