When to call a plumber?

 Being safe is what most people do today, we have places that make us safe. One of them is our home, but what if your house is not safe too? Since we are fond of tackling projects ourselves when we can for our home, yet toilets and sinks have the potential to do significant harm because leaks can spread or go undetected in walls until it’s too late.

If you are experiencing this at home, then you should call a plumber! 

Low Water Pressure

 When your water doesn’t flow forcefully or why is that the flow of water seems stagnant, it’s usually time to call a plumber to look at the internal workings of your plumbing.

Low pressure is often related to cracked or broken pipes either in the walls or under the foundation of your home. These areas will leak every time you use any water in your home, creating a growing problem that can do major damage to your home. If you’re experiencing low pressure that’s not located in a singular fixture, it’s time to call a plumber and ask for immediate service.

Drains won’t Drain

Clogs are common in plumbing, from tubs and toilets to faucets indoor and out. Some of these clogs can be undone with a plunger and a little muscle. But if you can’t unclog them after a little plunger work, or if there’s a clog that consistently backs up, you should call a plumber.

This is a matter where plumbers should deal with because deeper into pipes may have causing a long-term problem. Hair, grease build-up, roots getting into underground systems and problems with your septic tank are a few possible issues. Any repeat drain problem is worth a call because you might be facing a serious issue. Even if it’s something small such as a tub that clogs each time you give your dog a bath – it can turn into a bigger concern if it happens repeatedly.

The Smell Gone Wrong

Your house smells like sewage! Sometimes a backup or clog can create a smell that permeates through your home and makes it unbearable to stay in your space. Don’t try to power through the smell and tackle the problem, because this is a sign of major plumbing distress. You might end up making the problem worse, which means a stronger sewage smell that lasts longer. 

It is recommended that you briefly walk your property to see if it is in your home, the drain near your backyard, or at other points of your property. Whenever you smell that something is wrong, it’s time to call the plumber.

The Faucets are None Stop Dripping

Not only can these be annoying based on sound and water pooling issues, problems with leaking pipes or faucets can lead to much larger concerns with water damage. This sometimes can be easily fixed by just tightening the grip, but months pass can problem can still persists, by this you should already call the plumber.

Overflowing Toilets

Toilets overflowing are a part of life, sometimes these issues are easy to address and other times the root cause is hidden like when your toilet overflows but isn’t visibly clogged. A toilet that’s constantly running can often be fixed by replacing the flapper and that can save you money too. But calling a good, professional plumber should arrive quickly to unclog it, and to also determine the problem, and help prevent it from happening again, this is much more likely can save you up money.

If you’re experiencing a plumbing problem that you can’t handle alone, hire a local plumber at Glo Malabanan. Don’t settle for less contact us and experience the Glo Malabanan difference today.