5 Common Causes of Clogged Drains

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5 Common Causes of Clogged Drains

It’s annoying to see when the water is not sipping down the drain and will cause a very unpleasant smell, will turn slimy, and sometimes even overflow. Clogged drains sometimes happened when plumbing is not properly done. Rather than that there are more causes of having your clogged drain.

Examples are explained below:

  • Hair

    Hair, yes hair. It’s one of the major causes why people experience having a clogged drain. Most people use the bathroom to shave their beards, mustaches, and other parts of the body with hair, doing that for a long time and all the hair that is going down to the sink/drain will build up just enough to form a blockage under the pipes and possibly ending with a clogged drain.
  • Food

    How is food a cause of having a clogged drain? It happens when someone is like washing dishes where there is still a little food left, yes it might not look harmful but like the hair when it gets stuck in the pipes, it acts like a wall blocking the flow of the water. There is also a situation where someone put a large amount of food in the garbage disposal where the blades doesn’t really slice it into thin cuts and cause your drain being clogged.
  • Grease

    It may be liquid but grease can still clog your drain. Mostly it happens in the kitchen from utensils with grease on it are being washed away. But the fact that grease solidifies from time to time and having that going to your drains will lead you to a big plumbing problem. Like the hair, it does not clog your drain INSTANTLY. When having a cold weather or temperature it solidifies faster. So try not to get grease down your drain, you might regret it.
  • Paper

    A common cause of clogged drains. The reason is that having improper disposal of paper products because some people thought it was okay to dispose paper from the sink because it can dissolve in water but only toilet papers are allowed to be thrown because it was designed to dissolve quickly unlike other paper products like baby wipes, paper towels, feminine hygienic products and even diapers which can cause major blockage.
  • Broken Pipes

    Having broken pipes can also cause clogged drains because of the high possibility of foreign objects like rocks, stem and other solid materials that can go inside the pipes that can block the pipes or even damage the pipes. I would recommend doing pipeline repair which is to check and fix broken pipes including underground pipelines. Some people try to look for uprising water from the ground which is aligned to the direction of the pipes to know where the closest pipe is broken.

Having your drain, sink, and pipes blocked or clogged doesn’t get more infuriating. Having those blocked might even lead your family to health risk like when things go back up into the drains and create bad odors that can also irritate your skin and the smell will seep into your homes.

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